5 essential rules to get perfect hair health


Hair has always been associated with attractiveness and beauty. Everyone, be it men or women, wants the best of their hair. Have you ever seen anyone, especially women, fully satisfied with their hair? No, never! This is because everyone just wants hair best for themselves, which might be practically not possible.

But, achieving this is not beyond the bounds of possibility as after reading this article, you would get a step closer to your dream. Below are some helpful tips that can keep your scalp healthy to grow and maintain silky smooth hair.

  1. A Balanced diet is mandatory

To achieve the goal of having a healthy scalp and good hair, you must take a balanced diet, so it must contain all vital nutrients that are important for your scalp to be healthy.

Blood circulation plays a significant role in the growth of your hair, and for this, you need to take the food which is rich in antioxidants that boost metabolism and improves blood circulation in your body.

Some foods you should take are:

  • Green leafy vegetables
  • All type of beans
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Chicken
  1. Massage your scalp with oil

As it is already mentioned that blood circulation plays a vital role in the growth of your hair, so massage gently your scalp at least two times a weak. And if you apply hair oil to your scalp while doing with it would keep your scalp hydrated and make the roots stronger. Hair oil is packed with essential vitamins, and they work as natural conditioners. Massage your scalp open the pores as oil absorption takes place in a better way.

As roots are getting stronger, so and hair growth gets better. So here is a list of oil which helps to grow your hair faster because of its essential vitamins:

  • Sweet almond oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Mustard oil
  • You can also mix all or few of them to get better results
  1. Try to avoid washing your hair too often

when it comes to choose the shampoo for hair People usually buy a shampoo, which is in trend and famous . But it is always recommended to buy a mild shampoo for your hair.

Washing your hair too often might make your scalp dry and damage your hair, so try not to lose your moisture. It might also remove away the essential oil that comes from root to your scalp, and you come up with an itchy and dry scalp, which is a significant reason for hair loss. So it is always recommended to wash your hair two times a week.

You should see the following ingredients when buying a shampoo for proper hair growth:

  • Biotin
  • Caffeine
  • Aloe Vera
  • Sage oil
  • Stinging Nettle
  1. Avoid using hair color

The main reason to avoid hair color is the presence of the element “ammonia.” That has the bleaching property causes hair damage. It’s not only unhealthy for your hair, but also your body as research says that frequently using hair color can also cause breast cancer. Hair color makes your scalp itchy and dry, and you may experience hair loss.

So try to avoid chemical-based hair colors and apply natural hair color, which is not dangerous for your scalp. Here is a list of some natural hair dyers you may want to experience:

  • Carrot juice
  • Beat juice
  • Henna
  • Coffee
  • Sage
  • Chamomile tea
  1. Hair protection

There is a simple tip, but most people avoid it. You should cover your hair with a scarp or hat while going out, especially in dusty and severe weather. Dust leaves your scalp dry and blocks the pores, and the oil comes from the root to top gets dry. So the most crucial point here is all you need is to protect your scalp as the sun and dust damages it takes away the moisture of your hair.

And if you go out without covering your hair, try to apply some natural oil before leaving as they provide moisture and wash your scalp with regular water to remove the dust away. But to fix the dust and sun effects from your scalp, try some natural hair packs (hair conditioning pack or hair mask) two to three times a week. Here is a list of some natural hair packs:

  • Strengthening banana mask (make a paste of banana and mix it with almond oil and apply)
  • Potato honey and aloe vera mask ( mix potato juice with honey and aloe vera)
  • Milk and honey mask (mix them with equal ratio and apply for 30 minutes)
  • Coconut cream (make a paste of fresh coconut with yogurt and apply gently on the scalp)
  • Avocado mask for moisture (mix the avocado paste with mayonnaise)


The most important rule is to make your scalp healthy. Try to avoid chemicals and use natural essentials to get rid of hair loss and unhealthy scalp. Always wash your hair two times a week with the shampoo perfect for your hair type. Oiling plays an essential role in hair growth, so try to use natural oils. As much as you avoid chemicals and move to natural things, it provides you proper growth with no hair damage and hair loss.

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