What do I want to eat, but what should I eat?


It is usual to get confused about what is healthy for you to eat and what is not.

People generally want to stay healthy but eat unhealthy food. It is necessary to eat healthy to avoid chronic diseases and to maintain body weight. In this article, I have mentioned some alternatives to harmful food that are healthy and tasty at once.

1.     Sugary drinks

A large amount of sugar intake is harmful, especially when you take it in liquid form. People who take various sugary drinks, including soft drinks and sweet unnatural juices they are drinking liquid calories so, their brains do not accept it as food, which may lead to weight gain and obesity. Drinking sugar in large amounts can be insulin resistant and may cause fatty liver disease.

According to research, people who take one sugary beverage every day have twice the risk of being diabetes patients.


·       Try to drink plenty of water so that you crave less for other unhealthy drinks.

·        Add lemon and honey in regular water to make a refreshing and organic drink.

·       Drink coffee with less sugar, or you can add brown sugar.

·       Add brown sugar in shakes, margaritas, and Coladas. If you do not like it’s a taste add less amount or white sugar to your drinks.

2.     Pizza and white bread

Pizza is the most popular junk food in the entire world, although it is not suitable for your health because of highly processed meat and cheese are being used as it’s main ingredients. The bread used as pizza dough and other types of white bread are highly refined carbs that are bad for your stomach, and the digestion process takes much time, which may cause intestinal gas.

The key ingredient used to make the dough rise is yeast which is a type of fungus. When you take it in a hefty quantity, it can cause migraine and skin rash.


·       Many restaurants make pizza with healthy ingredients.

·       You should replace white bread with whole-grain bread.

·       Instead of using highly processed cheese, use homemade cottage cheese or mozzarella cheese.

·       Try to use whole-grain flour to make pizza dough with less or no yeast.

·       You can add spices of your choice to achieve excellent taste and enjoy it!

·       Use wholesome ingredients and make a pizza of your choice at home. 

3.     Sweetened breakfast cereals

Breakfast cereals are processed grain of wheat, rice, corn, barley, and oats. These cereals are popular among kids, and they are eaten by adding lukewarm milk.

To give a particular shape to these grains, they are roasted and shredded or flaked and large amounts of sugar added to them, so they contain more calories and less energy.

Some of the cereals are so high in added sugar that you can compare them with candy bars.

Their main downside is too much sugar and refined grains so that these factors can cause many severe diseases in the future like Diabetes.


·       There are many low sugar and low fat cereal available in the market you should choose one of those.

·       Try to select whole-grained cereals that provide high fiber and rich in nutrients so easy to digest.

·       The best way is to make homemade oat porridge from scratch and prefer to avoid processed grains as much as possible. 

4.     Cookies, cakes, and pastries

Cakes, cookies, and pastries have a high amount of carbohydrates and fats, so people who love to eat them in excess have a high tendency of obesity and weight gain problems. Cakes also increase blood glucose levels so you might end up with diabetes in the long run.  There are chemicals such as Sodium Nitrite, Sodium Sulfite, and Propyl Paraben are used as preservatives that are harmful to your body.  


Some people can not stay away from desserts; they should replace unhealthy food with some better option to satisfy their craving. Some of the alternatives are:

·       You can eat Greek yogurt in the morning; to make it tastier; you can add chunks of fresh fruits like banana, cherry, pineapple, peach, or grapes.

·       You can add brown sugar to yogurt.

·       Seasonal fresh fruits are rich in nutrition, and low in calories, controls blood pressure and cholesterol level in your body if taken in a sufficient quantity.

5.     Ice cream

Ice cream is a delicious and popular dessert, especially among children, but it is loaded with sugar. This unhealthy dessert can cause bloating, constipation, or diarrhea. Because it is low in nutrition and it’s calorie-dense nature, it is harmful so it can cause obesity and weight gain if eaten in excess.


Many brands sell low calories ice cream, but the best way is to make your own ice cream at home with less sugar, less fat, no preservatives and fresh fruits.

6.     Processed cheese

Regular consumption of processed cheese can cause obesity, weight gain, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol in your body. It raises blood pressure because of the presence of a high amount of salt preservatives. Processed cheese is rich in nutrition as well as fats. So it is healthy to eat in moderate quantities and try to choose low calories and less salted dairy products.


·       Try to choose real cheese instead.

·       Homemade cottage cheese in healthy and low fat

·       vegan cheese is readily available in stores

·       feta and mozzarella cheese are healthy choices


7.     Highly calorie coffee

Coffee is considered as a healthy drink and offers many benefits as it is rich in antioxidants.

Coffee drinks cause lower risks of severe diseases like diabetes, but at the same time, the added ingredients to give it extra flavor like creams, syrups, added sugar, caramel, etc. are unhealthy and harmful for you. This kind of coffee drink is as detrimental as any other sugary beverage.


Always consume it pure, and add full fat or low-fat milk if you desire, instead of adding high-calorie cream or artificial sweeteners. But if you can not take it purely, just add some brown sugar to give it a sweet flavor.

 Candy bars

Candy bards are a famous dessert, especially among children and harmful to health.

They are highly processed refined wheat flour with high in sugar and calories, but low in essential nutrients.

When you eat candy, harmful mouth bacteria feeds off of the sugar. In doing so, acids are created by bacteria, which then eat away at tooth coating. Cavities are a bacterial infection that is formed by those acids. When you develop a cavity, a hole in your tooth form, which worsens over time if it is left untreated


Eat fresh fruit or a piece of quality dark chocolate instead of a candy bar to satisfy your craving.


Most of the western diet plans are based on fine wheat flour, junk food, fast food, and sugary products. If you go for whole wheat flour and natural sugar, you would be feeling better and reclaiming your health.

Just always try to eat healthy and natural food as much as possible and avoid processed food  and overeating, so your metabolism works properly, and you remain healthy and happy.

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